Radiation Portal Monitors

Current deployment of anti-terrorism security-focused technologies across the globe is occurring in response to a realistic threat to International and domestic public security.

Caution radioactive!

Radioactive and nuclear materials impose a potential threat the international community.

Radioactive sources globally pose an ongoing challenge.

Illicit traffic of nuclear material leads to a possible construction of exposure devices.

We face a new era of nuclear threats.

RATEC – the global leader in RPM technology

Radiation portal monitors (RPM), intended primarily to ensure the prevention of possible terrorist acts involving radioactive materials, including SNM.

RPMs are detection devices that provide National security with a passive, non-intrusive means to screen human, containers, vessels and vehicles for the presence of nuclear and radiological materials.

These systems do not emit radiation but are capable of detecting various types of radiation emanating from nuclear devices, dirty bombs, special nuclear materials, natural sources and isotopes commonly used in medicine and industry.

They are completely safe for anyone passing by them, including children and pregnant women.

Pedestrian Stand-Along Monitors

Transport Monitors

Devices are easily adapted for installation in airports, sea ports, various inspection areas, transport facilities, Metro, hotels, shopping centers, business centers and office buildings, stadiums, etc.

Main advantages of our RPM

We apply the inorganic detectors with crystals NaI (Tl), which have the aforementioned advantages over organic detectors;

Detectors based on the crystal NaI (Tl) have increased stability energy calibration, are smaller in size, and can realize the possibility of spectral analysis and identification of radionuclides transported through the system;

In comparison with plastic scintillators crystal NaI (Tl) detectors provide high sensitivity not only in gamma radiation special nuclear materials, but most other conventional radioactive materials.

Our RPM technology in brief
  • Runs analysis of the energy spectrums for increasing the sensitivity and reduce false alarms;
  • Multi-detector systems with the unique decision making algorithm;
  • Passive protection reduces registered background noise;
  • Constant adaptation to the level of the external background noise and optimization of measurement time;
  • Self-diagnostic system provides functional test of the monitor and controls operations;
  • Environmental stability and excellent performance.
Basic features
  • Highly sensitive NA(Tl) RPM detectors;
  • Unique data processing algorithms;
  • Isotope identification (including medical, natural isotopes and others);
  • Automated operations to control the gamma radiation level during the object is moving through the monitored area;
  • Neutrons detection channel (detection of Cf-252 source emitting 2*10^4 neutrons per second);
  • Special thermal stabilization system designed for using in wide range of an ambient temperature;
  • High sensitivity allows to use natural radioactive isotope Potassium-40 for operability tests;
  • Communication with PC allows to diagnose the system and deliver information to the operator’s center, including on-line data transfer;
  • Microprocessor computing system allows to change operational program in a seconds;
  • Stainless hull plate, plastic and aluminum to provide environmental stability and excellent performance;

Module construction of RPM devices:

  • could be installed as stand alone devices (columns, portals)
  • built in walls, floor, and any other elements construction
  • combined in one box with any other security devices
Unique features
  • Inorganic detectors based on NaI (TI), which are used in the device, are able to make measurements both in the counting mode, and in the mode register of the energy spectrum of the radiation;
  • Constant adaptation to the level of the external background and optimization of measurement time;
  • Аdditional option: identification of radionuclides transported through the system;
  • Simple integration into security networks;
  • All operations are automated, no human mistake;
  • N42.42 data formats compatibility;
  • Quick connection and installation into integrated security and monitoring system;
  • Operating parameters, alarms, device and data administration managed via networks;
  • System changes operational modes and provides a full control over the zone;
  • Plug-in intelligent remote system;
  • Isotope identification software saves the alarm spectra in the device ROM memory;
  • Protection against physical damages;
  • Special video camera to record images of the object by signal from RPM;
  • GPRS modem allows remote monitoring of their condition on mobile networks
Our achievements
  • Diploma of the exhibition and conference “Terrorism and Transport Security” (March 2004);
  • Gold Medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (April 2004);
  • Winning the competition of innovative projects «Russian Tech Tour» (2004);
  • Winning the competition “Russian Innovations 2005” in nomination “The best innovation in the field of security” (2005);
  • Participation and victory in the competition the US Fund of Civil Initiatives (Civil Research Development Foundation), under which selected the most promising Russian projects in high technology (2007);
  • The victory in the category “Best Company” Russian Venture Fair in the first St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum (8-10 October 2008);
  • Silver medal of the 57th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies “Brussels Innova / Eureka 2008” (Brussels (Belgium), 2008);
  • Diploma and Gold Medal of the Russian-American Business Union (2010);

    Since 2010 to 2015 we have participated in the federal program “Comprehensive program to ensure public safety in transport”, in which, in accordance with the presidential decree of March 31, 2010 N 403 and the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 30, 2010. N 1285-p, were developed technical solutions to ensure comprehensive security for various strategic objects of transport infrastructure.